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About the project

Thurrock 100 is a creative community project that aims to celebrate the stories and places of Thurrock – and share them with the wider world!

T100 continues to grow each year, gaining new walkers, new routes and new partners to support the programme. What began as a celebration of Thurrock, 10 miles, 10 walks, 10 days, has developed into a project stretching along and across the estuary, into Southend and over to Kent, hence the name change to T100.

The  interest in the project and the support it has received from local people and organisations, volunteers and communities not to mention Thurrock and Southend councils, has allowed it to extend and expand, exploring more areas of the estuary and offering Thurrock residents the chance to get out and explore their local and neighbouring areas, and bringing people into Thurrock to discover its history and culture. Thurrock remains the base for Kinetika’s studios and the starting and ending point for T100 and will continue to be our inspiration and where we develop the project. 

T100 began as a walking festival started in 2015 by renowned outdoor arts company Kinetika.  Thurrock, and the surrounding area, has a rich and unique history and the festival has not only explored it on foot, but also in story telling and flag making.

T100 is a unique cultural project that aims to strengthen the area’s shared identity and foster pride in its heritage, building a programme of physical and creative activity that will contribute to a healthier and happier Thurrock.

With the help and support of local people, so far it has mapped and explored 52 local walks, made 110 silk flags, run a dance programme, published a book of 100 local stories, commissioned a beautiful set of costumes and new theatre performances as well as engaging thousands of people.

The previous years walk archives can be found here:

The ‘Thurrock 100 Stories’ book is available to buy HERE.

Or some of the Thurrock 100 stories are available on the interactive web page here; use the pins on the map to navigate your way through them at your leisure.

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Join in with the hashtag  #T1002019

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